Our House

Our house was built in 1929, the same year Kinnick Stadium was built. Located on a bluff overlooking West campus and built for Delta Chi, the house is full of rich tradition and unique structure. Capable of housing upwards of 30 members, the Delta Chi house provides a sufficient amount of living space for all of its members.


Thanks to the generosity and support of Iowa Delta Chi alumni over $250,000 has been invested in the renovation of the Delta Chi Chapter House making it one of the nicest, most comfortable and safest fraternity houses on the University of Iowa campus.

This renovation includes the following:

  • A new roof for the building (2007)
  • A new library and study lounge for members (2008-2009)
  • An upgraded kitchen and remodeled dining room (2008-2009)
  • A new fire suppression sprinkler and alarm system (2010)
  • New free washer and dryer appliances (2011)
  • Air conditioning in all floors of the house (2012)
  • Newly carpeted stairs (2012)
  • Outdoor surround sound system (2013)


Delta Chi is poised to enter its second century on the Iowa campus with a beautiful, modern home for its members. Living in the house is the perfect opportunity for our members to enjoy the benefits that come with being in Delta Chi. The house provides unlimited opportunities and resources that improve the college experience, both academically and socially. Some of these features include:

  • Spacious library with study tables
  • Dinner catered nightly and served in the dining hall
  • Live in house director (typically a graduate student)
  • Personal DirecTv boxes with full sports, movie, and entertainment packages
  • Sand Volleyball court in the backyard
  • Workout facility on site
  • Free laundry for all members
  • Parking lot with adequate space for all vehicles